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Pcb defect code list

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A detail defected list to tell you how to audi your PCB board.

Defect Type


Bevelling Defects

 Poor bevel

 Bevel edge over size

 Bevel edge under size

Board Property Defects 

 Tg value not meet the requirement

 Board soft

 Lamination blisters

 Board warp/ bow and twist


 1Peel strength under requirement

 Missing black oxide

 Inner pink ring

 Resin recession

Board Surface Defects

 Board surface extrusion/rough


 Glue residue

 Foreign material


 Board discolor

 Damaged board

 Broken board

Functional Test Failures 

 Ionic contamination out of spec

 Hipot test failure

 Lower impedance

 Higher impedance

 Resistance not meet the   requirement

Component Ink Defects

 Missing date code

 Unclear date code

 Wrong UL Logo

 Wrong UL Logo location

 C/M in hole

 C/M on PAD or SMT PAD

 Mark Illegible

 Missing C/M

 C/M peel off

 Double C/M

 Missing print C/M

 Illegible legend

 Askew C/M

 Component mark discolor

 Wrong C/M location

 Uncomplete UL mark

 Wrong trademark

 Exposed conductor

Carbon Ink Defects

 Copper exposure on carbon ink

 Carbon ink on board

 Carbon ink peel off

 Carbon ink short

 Carbon ink saw-tooth shaped

 Poor carbon ink

 Carbon ink bleeding

 Carton ink misalignment

Plug Hole Defects

 Wrong plugging

 Missing plug hole

 Poor plug hole

 Plugging hole shift

 Poor plugging in blind hole

 S/M plugged high than SMT pad

Peelable Ink Defects

 Peelable mask in hole

 Peelable Mask is peeled off     difficultly

 Peel mask retained in hole

 Peel mask melt

 Printing peelable mask mistakenly

Copper Plating Defects

 Copper residue/under etching

 Copper/Au/Solder in hole (NPTH)

 Poor tin plating

 Thin copper thickness in hole

 Excessive plating copper

 Poor plating

 The plating thickness not uniform

 Burnt board/rough plating

 Plating copper peel off

 Hole black

 Copper thread in hole

 No copper in hole

 Bleeding copper plating

Drilling Hole Defects

 Blind breakout

 Skewed hole

 Deformed hole

 Burrs in hole

 Drilling skip

 Drilling wrong boards

 Drilling wrong hole

 Hole diameter over size

 Drilling extra hole

 Drilling in reverse

 Poor drilling

 Drilling no through hole

 Drilling hole misalignment

 Hole diameter under size

 Hole damaged

 Hole blocked

 Back drilling depth not meet the     requirement


 Rough hole wall

 Hole breakout

Electrical Test Defects 

 Unclear E-T

 Dent by E-test

 Missing E-T stamp

Gold Finger Defects  

 Rough G/F

 G/F damaged

 Ni spot on board surface

 Nodule on G/F

 Pin hole on G/F

 Dent in gold finger

 Scratching on G/F

 G/F contamination


 Foreign material overflowed from   via   hole around G/F

 Exposed Ni on G/F

Gold Plating Defects 

 Gold burnt in plating

 Poor gold plating

 Poor Ni plating

 Gold plating skip

 Ni plating skip

 Ni thickness under spec.

 Gold on trace

 Ni or gold skipping

 Gold on the edge

 Poor gold immersion

 Gold whiten

 Gold thickness under spec.

 Poor gold color

 Gold bleeding

 Expose copper/Ni on gold finger

 Poor gold stripping

 White hole edge

 No gold in hole

 Solder on gold finger

 Gold or Ni peel off

 Watercolor printing

 Gold retained on pad


HASL Defects 

 Solder on peelable mask

 Solder on S/M


 Solder powder

 Solder on trace

 Solder whiten

 Dirty hole

 Poor melting

 PAD peed off

 Copper peel off

 Solder peel off

 Excessive solder

 Solder surface roughness

 Solder thickness not meet the     requirement

 Gray solder

 Tin blocking hole

 Conductor peel off

 Damaged tin finger

 Contamination in PTH hole

 Solder ball in via hole


 Exposed Cu due to solder peeled   off

 Solder short

 Solder powder

 Solder ball in via hole

Immersion Silver Defects

 Poor Silver immersion

Immersion Tin Defects

 Poor Tin immersion

Inner Circuit Defects

 Inner misregistration

 Inner short

 Inner open

 Inner slight short

 Inner trace spacing undersize

 Inner trace undersize

 Inner same location short

 Inner same location open

 Inner image misalignment

 Circuitry nick

Inner Stack Up/Board Thickness

 Thin board thickness

 Excess board thickness

 Copper clad thickness over spec.

 Copper clad thickness under spec.

 Extra prepreg

 Skipping prepreg

 Layer structure not meet MI     requirement

 Thin dielectric layer thickness

 Excess dielectric layer thickness

 Inner layer Cu thickness under   spec.

 Inner layer Cu thickness over spec.

 Skipping inner-layer

 Lay up in reverse

Other Defects

 Inner/out hole position incorrect

Outer Circuit Defects

 Poor conductor



 Trace undersize

 Missing PAD

 SMT PAD undersize

 Edge roughness (dull line)

 Missing full copper on breakaway

 Missing full copper on breakaway

 SMD pad small size

 Test pad misalignment

 Missing copper on the blind hole     surface


 Trace spacing undersize

 Poor fiducial mark

Packing Defects

 Wrong barcode location

 Old boards (stocked boards)

 Wrong P/N reversion on package   label

 Illegible mark on package label

 Unclean package

 Wrong quantity in package

 Wrong surface finishing

 Mistaken outgoing report

 Mixed boards

 Wrong customer P/N

 Missing outgoing report

 Missing customer Logo on the   board

 Damaged packaging carton

 Damaged vacuum packaging

 Damaged vacuum packaging

 Wrong Label

PE Tooling Issue/PE 

 NPTH hole was fabricated as PTH   hole   mistakenly

 PTH hole was fabricated as NPTH   hole   mistakenly

 No annular ring on PTH hole

 Wrong X, Y axis direction of SMD   pad

 Square hole is fabricated as   circular hole mistaken

 The Tie-bar of G/F is not routed     according to spec

 Missing G/F Tie-bar

Profiling Defects

 Out of upper tolerance

 Out of lower tolerance

Punching Defects 

 Miss punching boards

 Poor punch

 Hole cracked by punching

 Board damaged by punching

 Damage G/F by punching

 Damage board by model

 Board cracked by punching

 Measling after punching

 Fibre powder


 Inner poor circuit reworking

 Inner poor rework

 Poor circuit reworking

 Poor rework

Routing Defects

 Miss routing board

 Poor routing edge

 Board damaged by routing

 Missing slot hole

 Missing routing G/F bevel edge

 Miss routing hole

 Miss punching hole

 Routing board scrapped by   machine

 Wrong slot location

Solder Mask Defects 

 S/M color differ

 Expose cu in hole

 Exposed conductors

 S/M skip

 S/M uneven

 Solder mask misregistration

 Solder mask blistering

 Solder mask wrinkles

 Solder mask in hole

 S/M on gold finger


 Foreign material under S/M

 Poor S/M color

 Solder mask bleeding


 Solder mask peel of

 Trace exposing copper

 S/M thickness under spec.

 Solder mask over developing

 S/M thickness over spec.

 S/M is higher than SMD pad

 No S/M coating on via hole

 No S/M dam between via hole and   pad

 Wrong S/M opening

 S/M on pad fixed

 S/M Crack

 Broken ink

V- Cut Defects/V-cut

 Poor V-cut

 Too shallow V-cut

 Excess depth of V-cut

 V-cut shift

 Dimension not meet requirement

 Missing V-cut

 Double V-cut

 Uncomplete V-Cut score


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