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Technical Faqs

Technical Faqs


Question: Which materials you have?

Answer:FR4, high TG-FR4, high CTI, Rogers4350, Rogers4003, Arlon25FR, Arlon 25N,Arlon (Diclad series), Arlon( AD series), Taconic(TLX, TLF, TLY, RF, TLC, TLG series) , and so on.

Question: Are you able to produce the carbon ink boards?

Answer: Yes, but we are not able to control the resistance of carbon ink at the moment.

Question: Can you produce the buried and blind holes boards? What about HDI boards? For HDI board, which structure you can make?

Answer: Yes, we can. The minimum laser drilling hole is 0.1mm; the maximum laser drilling hole is 0.3mm.  For HDI board, we can make 1+N+1, 1+1+N+1+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3.

Question: How many layers of PCB you can make? How many layers of flexible board you can make?

Answer: PCB: 0-24 layers, FPC: 1-6 layers, and rigid-flexible board: 2- 8 layers.

Question: Are you able to control the impedance?

Answer: Yes. Before production, our engineers will use Polar Si8000 calculate the impedance. When shipment, we will send the coupons and testing reports together with the boards. 

Question: Are you able to produce high frequency boards? What are the regular materials?

Answer: Yes. We have ROGERS 4350 and 4003 series in stock, but if other material, we need buy temporarily.

Question: When mixed material boards, such as Rogers + FR4, are you able to make?

Answer: Yes. But when mixed materials, PP have to be FR4.  Whether it is feasible, we still need evaluate according to the actual structure.

Question: Are you able to meet ROHS requirements?

Answer: All materials that we use can meet ROHS requirements. If you need, we can offer the ROHS certificated information.

Question: Can you meet IPC Class 2? What about IPC Class 3?

Answer: Sure, we can meet IPC class 2. We can control some boards according to IPC Class 3.

Question: Which tests you will use to test the quality during production? 

Answer: During production, we will test the boards during the processes such as plating, circuit, soldermask, and so on. For example, micro section to test the copper in the holes, AOI to scan the circuits. All boards sent will be 100% pass open and short tests. When customers require, we can offer high voltage testing, impedance testing, solderability testing, thermal shock testing, reliability testing, insulating resistance testing, and ionic cleanliness testing, and so on.


Question: Are you able to produce PET board?

Answer: Yes. But PET is not a suitable material when need SMT, because its low heat resistance.

Question: What is the minimum thickness for single-sided, double-sided and 4-layers FPC?

Answer: Normally, Single-sided FPC: 0.1mm, Double-sided FPC: 0.15mm, 4-layers FPC: 0.25mm.

In a particular case, Single-sided FPC: 0.06mm, Double-sided FPC: 0.11mm, 4-layers FPC: 0.2mm.

But we need buy temporarily, and the lead time and price will be different from those common ones.

Question: Is it possible for you to use the different stiffener materials for the same board at the same time?

Answer: Yes, we can. You can design different stiffener materials for the same board at the same time.

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