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Metal Core PCBs

Metal Core PCBs

What is ‘’Aluminum Board”?

Aluminum PCB is the most common type of all Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) also known as IMS (Isolated Metal Substrate). Aluminum Board are a unique metal-based copper clad laminate excellent thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and dimension stability.

Design guidelines for aluminium core circuits

Single-sided PCBs on aluminium base

Single-sided PCBs on aluminium base.png

A copper foil is laminated onto an aluminium base using a prepreg. 

Normally, this variant only has drill holes for fastenings.

Double sided structure with aluminum core

Double sided structure with aluminum core.png

Copper foils are laminated onto both sides of an aluminium core using prepreg. The PCB can be through-plated.

PCBs on metal heat-conducting sheets

PCBs on metal heat-conducting sheets.png

Completed PCBs are press-moulded to an aluminium carrier using a prepreg. Benefit: Multilayers can also be used (only single-sided SMD).  Disadvantage: Poor heat dissipation, as the heat has to be dissipated through the entire PCB.

Technical Capabilities for aluminium core circuits

●Thermal conductivity: Standard materials: 1-3W/m.k ; Specified materials : 4-12W/m.k

●Thickness of the aluminium core: 0,5–2,0 mm

●Copper thickness: 18–105 μm

●Minimum drill hole diameter PCB (PTH): ≥ 0,2 mm

●Minimum drill hole diameter PCB (NPTH): ≥ 1,0 mm

●Minimum drill hole diameter for aluminium: ≥ 1,0mm

●Drill hole/drill hole spacing: > 1,2 mm

●Minimum router diameter: ≥ 1,6 mm

●Surfaces: HAL, HAL free lead, OSP, ENIG (not recommended!)

●Machining:Produced like standard PCBs in multiples or individually, as well as being milled and scored.

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