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Impedance Control

Impedance Control


The impedance boards in our multilayer boards accounts for more than 20%. 

→Factors that influence impedance........

Both when the processing of engineering data and in the production, we have a strict control process.
Before production, our engineers will use Polar Si8000 to calculate the impedance to check whether we can meet the customers’ requirement. If we need make any adjustment, we will make reasonable suggestions. Only the questions have been confirmed by customers, we can the start the production.

For the impedance boards, we will make a coupon which is manufactured at the same time and on the same panel as the PCBs. The coupon is typically a small PCB with exactly the same layer and trace construction as the main PCB. It's common practice to fabricate one coupon at four corners and the center of the panel to verify consistency of performance across the whole panel. We also will control those factors that influence the impedance during the production. 

We will test all coupons in the whole production panel to ensure that boards sent are qualified boards.

Impedance tolerance

Single-Ended: +/-10%, Min. +/-5OHM
Differential Impedance: +/-10%, Min. +/-8 OHM
Control mode: 93 modes in Polar Si8000

Free impedance design service and help

When you design the impedance boards, you can contact our engineers if you need help or suggestions. Or you can leave message. Or engineers will give you reasonable suggestions.

The service is free.



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