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Why Kingcredie

Why KingCredie

When you choose King Credie as a circuit board supplier, you will receive a company that offers high quality PCB solutions for ten years in a global customer base. We take quality as the primary task for each stage of our operations, including PCB development, manufacturing and assembly. We strive to significantly reduce new product development cycle, to help customers achieve new market opportunities.


Our products include HDI boards, high frequency boards, high TG boards, halogen-free boards, flexible and rigid boards and other high-tech products. Over the past 10 years, our ongoing research in PCB processing technology and introduction of advanced production equipment has yielded our superior fabrication capabilities. We have stabilized the production of 24 layer PCBs as well as 12 layer rigid-flex boards. The aspect ratio for board thickness to drill diameter of our boards can reach 12:1, 3mil trace widths, and we have mastered impedance control technology to achieve high-speed signal transmission design.

To provide customers with an excellent service experience has always been the motto of King Credie. Beyond making successful transactions, we believe in creating strong and sustainable partnerships with our customers. We strive for good communication with individual customers, and are eager to help customers understand the product during the design and production process. For new product research and development, we are also very happy to provide support by making recommendations at no cost for our customers.

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